History is a time of reflection.  A time to stop and look back at how far God has brought you.  Knowing what God has already done gives us a commitment based on experiences in our own lives.  It also gives us reassurance based on the face that if God did it then, He will also do it now.​  Perhaps it was this commitment and reassurance that lead our forefathers to 5680 Atlanta Highway over 80 years ago.

Rev. John Ware, along with other church members organized and erected Canaan Baptist Church in 1881.  Tis site was approximately one mile west of the church's present location on old Roman Place where the Eastern Bypass crosses I-85.   The church was remodeled 48 years later under the leadership of Rev. L.P. Mitchell.


More that 80 years ago this current 5 acre lot was purchased under protest from other land owners.  A site on Wares Ferry road was offered at no charge near the present location of Mitylene Baptist Church, but members stood united, and leaned on the promises of God.  It is because of God's goodness and their steadfastness that we are able to worship at this present site.  With the changing of location came also a new name.  The name of the church was changed to New Canaan Baptist Church in 1929.


Ministers who have served at New Canaan


                 Rev. John Ware                          Rev. G.S. Garrett

                 Rev. S. Walker                            Rev. J.P. Phillips     

                 Rev. A. Campbell                       Rev. B.L. Walker          

                 Rev. R. Brown                            Rev. Briggs Rev.

                 Rev. T. Croom                           Rev. B.S. Robinson    

                 Rev. J. Tate                                Rev. A.J. Carter

                 Rev. L.P. Mitchell                      Rev. E. Hill



The current shepherd of the flock is Pastor Jerry W. Iverson


New Canaan